Friday, April 8, 2016

The 9 Month Journey

What's up!
I cannot believe it has been nine months! Just wow. I still remember starting work on this project and the amount of excitement. Over time everything slowed down and got much more calm. We are right now working on animating the scenes. Our animators have been very hard at work.
It seems like about time to bring about an update. I don't have any images right now since I have to wander through the thousands of files and find a few nice renders. I'll be sure to post them once I gather them together. As for me, I have been very busy lately so the project has been on standby for me but I will start working on it a bit more. We are hoping to finish animating in about 3-4 months. And yes, I know that we originally wanted this movie to be out by March but things come up, esp. in open movie projects. We currently have two really good drafts that are getting quite close to their final state. Can't wait to see them in another week!
See ya'll next week!

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