Monday, November 9, 2015

Resurrecting the dead!

October was a bit hard. The project had gone downhill so it was up to me to pick it back up. Many people were inactive or not doing anything. A active and enthusiastic team of 20 people became 5 dedicated members. However things are getting a lot better. Despite our project manager quitting, we have made a good amount of progress. So the almost dead project has been revived. We are going to finish this, and it's going to be great!
In terms of progress we are trying to get all the models finished once and for all in two weeks time. We had originally planned to begin rigging in the beginning of November but things got a bit delayed. Of course December will be really slow with everyone on vacation and/or with their families, so we are working as hard as ever. Almost all our characters are done being modeled except one.

Oh and did I forget to say... we have our own composer!!!! It's exciting so I decided this had to have spacing from the other paragraphs

We are still in dire need of animators, car modelers, and texture artists. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Home, House, Houses

Long time no see! I've lately been working on the project quite a big trying to pull things together and prevent disorder and chaos. We've made some more modeling progress esp. with the houses. I decided to share a couple with you. Besides that, not many exciting things happening. We are still open for animating and all that goodness. Concept art is pretty much finished besides a few other things. Most of the models are either done or currently being made. We are hoping to finish modeling in two weeks (Nov. 8) so we can move onto rigging and setting up the environments.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I'm not dead yet! Modeling -> Rigging UPDATE!

Well, it's been a long time. Almost one month, since I posted on this blog. Mainly because I've been too lazy, but also school. No one likes it.
Anyway, about the project. A quick progress update: We are currently at the end of the modeling stage and progressing into rigging. All is well...except weight painting. That sucks. Blender has plenty of irritating bugs in weight painting mode. The brush barely works; the paint doesn't go where the brush does! On the bright side, the models are looking great and are coming along fast. Only 1 month in and we are nearly done modeling. Though, I shouldn't speak too soon as animating is going to be the tricky part.
If there are any animators out there, WE WANT YOU!!!!
Landscape modelers are also extremely needed (You should be able to create nice landscape that aren't just flat, have good textures, and just look great)
Music artists would be cool (If we don't have any we will just use the Inception theme song. :) Nah, I'm just kidding, it's a kids comedy movie.)
Whelp, I better get back to working, see ya!

(Note: These renders are works in progress or drafts and do not show the final product)

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Beginning of Production

Hello There! The last week and this week as well, the team of Project Huckleberry has been putting in a lot of effort and time into getting the production stage of the film off the ground and advancing it the modeling as soon as possible. Currently, we are still waiting on the concept art for the characters and others main objects but the little props and decorations are being focused on. Progress is going pretty fast and we the team is still growing in numbers. We are going to start being a bit stricter about who we choose to join the team as there are a few inactive teammates although most of the team is regularly working on the project. Project Huckleberry really needs landscape artists of good skill as most of the modelers have little or no experience working on terrains. We need someone who can do almost everything concerning landscape but if you have a lack of skill in anything we will find someone to fill in for you. Please use any addons that you want and/or textures. We may be able to supply anything else who have. We would really appreciate you joining our team if you are good at this and if you can provide a recently render or portfolio although it is not necessary. Thank you and have a great week!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Week Two Begins

Alright, a quick update shall I?
Good. So this coming week Project Huckleberry is going to begin working to production. A few people, mainly those modeling the props have started working. I have been trying to sort things out, like what everything will look like, gathering reference images, working with the modelers and making sure pre-production goes as fast as it can so that we can gain more time for animating (production.) Things are going pretty fast currently, as we have only been working for one week yet have already begun modeling.
Concerning new contributors, we are stilling accepting more people but are in dire need to animators, especially good ones. :) Have a good week and I will keep you update later this week!

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Script

Hello All, if you are interested in joined the group but would like to read the script to see exactly what we're making you make do so, below. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS..obviously

The Thief
By Gregory Saldanha
JOE (squirrel) slowly pops open the lid of the drain pushing it aside as he crawls out.
The farmer's market is just ahead of him. The day is foggy and a few cars are parked along the side of the highway just past the farmer's market.
JOE scuttles across the road and the grass into the dirt area of the market. When he spots a trolley full of bright red strawberries, he licks his lips with craving.
JOE hurries down the aisle jumping into the strawberry crate.
The shadow of a man passes over him. The VENDOR is setting up his shop. JOE quickly ducks and when the VENDOR looks away he grabs a strawberries, cradles it in his arms and then rushes back down the aisle.
JOE crosses the abandoned road and rests against an old barn wall. JOE looks at the strawberry, his eye's open wide. He is about to take a bite when he hears an incoming engine sound.
JOE gets up, leaving his strawberries behind and dashes around the building to hide. The tractor slows passes by and JOE heads back to his strawberries, dusting his hands along the way.
When JOE returns the strawberries are not there. He looks around and sees a big, fat RAT with his strawberry half in her mouth waving out to him.
Extremely angry, JOE eyebrows narrow in and he clenches his fists and scowls. JOE runs after the RAT on all fours. She leads JOE across the street, up a tree on jumps onto the top of one of the market tents.
The RAT jumps onto the next one, about 4 feet away, but JOE loses his footing and slips and falls. JOE'S vision becomes black.
JOE opens his eyes. He finds his face buried in a bunch of strawberries. He must be in heaven. He smiles a big smile and takes hold of a strawberry. He closes his eyes and is about to take a bite when he feels a hand around him. JOE opens his eyes
The VENDOR removes him from the trolley of strawberries and sets him gently on the ground. JOE, who is confused is still holding the strawberry.

Week one

We started on August 23rd, and well the first week is done! Despite working our butts off, we did end up making a lot of progress. First, we had to get things sorted out but the next day we jumped straight into brainstorming idea and we each wrote our own stories.Thursday we voted on the best one, The Thief from Above. Friday we modified the story a ton and ended up even finishing the script. After that we made a few documents for later use. Sounds like very little, but there are plenty of small details that I have left out so I don't bore you. We are still in the beginning of pre-production and our going to be moving onto design and concept art next week, which should end well given that we have someone pretty talented artists. The team is a total of 10 people, including me and yes, we are still accepting more people. You can join by sending an email to and supplying a portfolio or recent work (if you can) and a brief description of what your field of interest is.Well, that's our week come and gone, (Keep in mind we only started on Wednesday).